Friday, November 6, 2015


1. WARNING : phishing attempt on behalf of the Vautron Rechenzentrum AG

currently there are phishing emails in circulation that unjustified in
our names are sent. Addressees of the registrants
Domains that are in our administration .
It is claimed that an infringement of our Abuse Policy
had taken place and the domains are dekonnektiert for this reason .


-- snip --

Dear ,
The Domain Name have been suspended for  violation of the
Vautron Rechenzentrum AG Abuse Policy.
Multiple warnings were sent by Vautron Rechenzentrum AG Spam and Abuse
Department to give you an opportunity to address the complaints we have
We did not receive a reply from you to these email  warnings so we then
attempted to contact you via telephone.
We had no choice but to suspend your domain name  when you did not respond
to our attempts to contact you.
Click here and download a copy of complaints we have  received.
Please contact us for additional information  regarding this notification.
Vautron Rechenzentrum AG
Spam and Abuse Department

-- snap --

The aim of the mails is to bring the user to the linked in the mail
Execute malware file .
Please ignore these messages and under no circumstances click on the link  .

Friday, June 19, 2015

A view in the future

A big update will be come this year

Hi page4 user
we work hard to give you all the same features like our german version. Here you can take a look at the video, that show how easy you can use the new version and new features. The language is german, but I think, the video and the pictures give you a good view into the future of page4.
A lot of pictures about the news you will find here...

Warm regards

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Features now available

Importent information about the english version of page4:
We currently uploaded a major update for the international version of page4 and a lot of new features from the last few months are now available. 

Information about each feature will be public in the next weeks

The key points are
1) the new editable layout templates - you must select an editable Design (in german "editierbar")
2) the improved ability to edit the header - you need an editable Design to use the new header
3) move elements on the page with the mouse with drag&drop or click by click. It is very easy.

If you need help, send us an email (

Warm regards

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Design fast selection

Additional design selection
Our new Quick Selection allows you to apply a new design template to your existing site live and with one click. If you like your selection, you can use the button "Apply" to take it. If not, just choose another design or simply stop it without changing anything with the button "Cancel".

1) You achieved the quick selection over the first icon in the main menue bar
2) The first entry is reserved for the new function "Quick Selection"
3) The old "Layout Selection" is continue to exist with all layouts and design templates
4) If you use a premium version, you can be saved you old design. It's easy to go back to your last design incl. your header images, colors and more.

Once you've called the quick selection, the icon bar will disappear and you will see a strip with a preview of all "quick select" design templates. With a slider (1) you can scroll horizontally to see all templates. If you like a design, just click on the thumbnail and the selected design is applied to your website (4), live and in real time. A green check mark (5) shows you which design is selected. To use the design, just click on "Apply" (2) and the fast selection will be closed. To try another design, just click on another thumbnail or use "Cancel" (3) to close the quick selection. Currently, a hand selection of round about 150 design templates, representing a wide variety of our tempates, can be use over the quick selection.

Warm regards
Your page4 support team

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update image manager

Do you use page4 to present your large photo collection?
Then you will appreciate the new image management. The new administration replaces the previous administration and provides a new dialog about ways to sort your images quickly and effectively.
The dialogue always adjusts to the screen. If you use a large monitor, you got a lot more space to organize your pictures.

On the left you'll find a tree with a list of all image folder. If you start, there is only the Main folder (1) with all your unsorted images and an empty User folder (2) without own folders. You can create as many folders as you want. And you can sort your folder in three levels (sub folder). It could looks like a folder for each year and into this all month as sub folders and at last in each month folder you can create unlimited theme folder.
1) Main folder = If you upload new images, you'll find the images in your Main folder. If you open the new administration in the first time, all your images are into the Main folder.
2) User Folder = Into your user folder you can create unlimited own folder to sort your images. You can use three levels to sort your folders.
3) Add new folder = Click on the "plus"-icon to add a new folder. Select one or more images on the right and use the mouse to move the selected images into your new own folder.
4) Before each folder name is an icon (square edged with three vertical lines in the middle). If you move your mouse over this icon, the cursor changes to a "hand". Click and move the folder. A red box indicates, this place is blocked. This can be happen if you could achieve by moving more than three levels.
5) Use the pencel to rename your own folders.
6) Preview Area = In the large area to the right all your images are displayed with a preview. If you select one of your own folder, only the images into this folder are visible. As in the previous administration max. 250 pictures will be displayed simultaneously - just to optimize the speed. With the combobox (7) below the large area you can select with section you want to view.
8) Big trash = Select one or more images and move the selection with the mouse over the big trash to delete the images. The same you can do with your own folders. You can only delete emty folders and folders without sub folders
9) Options = You can use the same options as into the old administration. Try it, it's very easy.  Please only delete unused images. Our system can not know, iif you use an image into your blog modul or if you use the tiny mce editor and add images with the right mouse click. So be sure, you know which images are in use. Best way, create an own folder "blog images" and move all images from your blog into this folder. That help you to get the overview, which images are used with your blog.

Reset = A selection from one or more images will be canceled if you click on the reset button
All = Select all your images
Invert = A selection will be reversed if you click on this. For example: There are 50 images into your folder and you will delete 47 from this. Best way, selected the three images you won't move into the trash, than click on "invert". Now your 47 images selected and ready to move into the trash.
Used and Unused = With this two links you can select all used or all unused images with one click. You can use an image more than once on your website, page4 just link to the original image into the administration. If you delete an used images, page4 can not displayed the image on your website. So be sure you only delete unused images.
Upload new image = Yu can upload images over all contents, that contains pictures. And, of course, you can upload images directly from the administration.
We hope the new image management system facilitates the work and you are very pleased to receive your comments on this new feature, which is available to all users of page4.

Your page4 team 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Update from page4 online

Dear User
page4 Version 3.0 is online. With a new design and more function. A newletter with a lot of more infos will be send to all user a.s.a.p.

With the new update you can use templates to change the navigation design of your page. Use the first Icon in the top and select "Navigation design" to open the new dialogs:

In the first dialog, you can select a template. If your design use more than one navigation you have more than one cards to select a template for each navigation.

 In the second dialog you can define all colors from the selected navigation template.
A live view help you to create fast and easy amazing navigation designs.

More in the newsletter. If you have questions, please send an email to our support

Warm regards
Your page4 Team

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Layout 7210

The new Layout 7210 with six design templates offers a number of possibilities for designing an individual website. There are three design templates with a lateral navigation on the left and three templates with a lateral navigation on the right. Of course, they are "blog-compatible".

More infos in our page4 blog
Warm regards
Manfred F. Schreyer
page4 Support

Thursday, March 17, 2011

page4 Blog released

As of now, you can install your own blog on your page4 website. A newsletter will follow shortly. For now, we provide you with a short overview of what you can expect.

  1. You can either integrate the blog archive (the navigation of the blog) directly into the navigation of your homepage, by simply creating a page and linking it to the blog, or you can use a design with sidebar or/and lateral navigation and show the archive underneath the normal navigation or in the sidebar above the content of the sidebar. In addition, you can also combine both options.
  2. Next to the archive, you can display lists and up to 5 links relating to the articles that a) were shown most frequently, b) received the most comments or c) the most recent articles that were written. These lists can be placed above or underneath the archive
  3. In a dialogue you manage all of your blog entries and write new entries. All articles are published scheduled in time. All articles can be viewed directly in the overview.
  4. Of course, a blog must include the opportunity to write comments. All comments are shown chronologically in the administration, and you can see at once whether and how many comments are not yet released. There are many options to control the release of the comments
  5. A list with various services to „share“ an article is included as a standard. You can show this list or hide it. If the list is displayed, your visitors can share an article via Twitter, Facebook and others with just one click.
  6. Currently, there is a fixed template to view the articles and for the navigation of the blog. The option of offering you the selection from a variety of drafts for your website is already in preparation. The design of your blog adapts ideally to the design of your website already at this point in time. Of course you can adapt many parameters to your own wishes, as had before.
  7. An RSS-Feed for your articles is also already in progress, along with a Ping-service, to enable you to publish your articles.
  8. Most of the design templates are already prepared for the blog, provided that a sidebar and/or a lateral navigation are available. With our option of integrating the blog navigation directly, as explained in Item 1), you are still able to use all drafts with one blog.
As you can see, the blog is pretty much complete and ideally supplements your website. We hope you enjoy it and wish you much success blogging on page4. 

Warm regards
Manfred F. Schreyer

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Layout 0023

Next design templates are online. We create a new layout no. 0023 (it's the same style as no. 1023 but without a sidebar). It's blog compatible off course. You have 15 new design templates. The different between the templates is: we use different line style, some of the design templates are with a header image (in the top of the navigation) some without all grafic effects.

With all design templates you can use a background grafic (navigation area and content area).

We hope you like it.

Warm regards

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Design templates

Designtemplate 7011 and 7012
There are new design templates. I hope one or the other user like these new templates. Both styles are not suitable for Internet Explorer 6.0. The display in IE 6.0 is different than on the modern browsers.

Template 7011
This template has a header image with rounded corners. There are two templates, one with the image size 1002 x 160 px, and one with 1002 x 250 px. The header images are saved as png so that the curves are transparent. You also can upload your own without rounded corners. On request we also provide a Photoshop template available to save your own image with round corners. The only color setting is the background color of the main navigation. We have kept the graphics pretty transparent so that the colors are give a very good effect. Of course you also can provide the background of the web with colors and background images. As the entire site is created with a graphic to achieve the special effect, you can not change the background color of the page itself. This is always white.

Template 7012
In this template, we have the upper area of 107px (including the transparent rounding) decorated with a design graphic texture. Here you have the opportunity to select from 140 different designs. Again, we provide a Photoshop template available to create your own designs right. The header image is installed under the Navigation and therefore quite normal. The width of the images is always 1002 px and there are currently three levels, namely 175px, 200px and 252px. Here again you can only customize the background color of the main menu and of course the background of the web itself

The templates support the header so you can show your own text on the image. And the documents also support the forthcoming blog. The navigation of the blog will appear below the normal side navigation.

For more info about the new templates in particular some screenshots go to our website at

Warm regards

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help and Forum online

We are very pleased to announce that help texts and a forum are now available for our international users. Due to the quick development an online-assistance it is not always easy to maintain and keep it up to date. Nevertheless, we have now especially released the first instructions as a start-up assistance for our numerous international users. You will receive an in-depth description of how to get your first free website. In addition to that, we will also show you how to customise the design of your new homepage based on your own personal taste and you will also find out a lot about how to integrate several contents into your website and what options page4 can offer you. Online-Help...
In addition, we have also setup a forum where you can ask questions, simply present your awesome page4 website, make friends and much more. You will of course require your own page4 website to be able to use the forum. Register yourself; the first users are already online. We will of course try to answer your questions as soon as possible and you can also assist when other users may be experiencing a problem and you know the solution. Page4-Forum...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Upcoming blog directly to your page4 website

A small preview: in a few weeks, page4 will be extended with a new and great function. You will be able to integrate your own blog directly into your page4 website, write and administrate news and if you like, allow your users to give their comments. Just as you are used to from Blogger. Look forward to it as it will make your website even better and your visitors will be on your website more often when they know that they can find the latest news. And via the communication function you will automatically receive additional and new content, which is specifically needed by search engines. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Global setting of the time zone

Maybe you know this yourself: You have a guestbook, a shout box, time information, news and many more, and you need to decide on the time display for all of these elements. From now on you can centrally manage the time settings with page4. The following possibilities are available in the “Advanced” tab in “General Settings”:

Simply select your desired time zone (more than 300 zones available) and all settings will be centrally managed. Quick and simple. From now on this function is available to all of our users. Why don’t you log on immediately, go to “General Settings” and choose your personal time zone with a simple click. Save, go. I wish everything was that simple.

Kind regards, Manfred

Monday, October 18, 2010

The perfect browser for editing your website

Unfortunately there are standards available in the area of HMTL and CSS, however not all of these standards are supported by every browser, they rather go separate ways. Therefore it is impossible to adapt a complex application such as page4 to all browsers.

These browsers are especially suitable for editing your website and for perfectly supporting all functions:

Operating system Windows XP, Vista and 7
Firefox 3.x
Safari 4.x and 5.x
Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Operating system Mac OS X
Firefox 3.x
Safari 4.x and 5.x
Camino 2.x

We extensively test all of our tools with the above browsers. Since this is very complex we might oversee issues while testing. Therefore we are always happy about feedback. If you discover a problem, please test a second browser by all means to see whether the problem is dependent on the browser. Then you should inform our support so that we can find a solution. Thanks a lot for your help.

If you are using other browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Flock or Advant, please note that we cannot always assure that all functions can be used without any problems.

IMPORTANT: If your browser has problems with linking text passages with the new editor, select the text, then click on the right mouse button for the extra menu and select “Insert/edit link”. This procedure should also work with browsers that cannot cope with normal linking. If you are linking to external websites in this way, please enter the complete address incl. http://. If you are linking internal sites, please only enter backslash (/ = shift+7) and either the site ID (/80.html) or the alias name, if you are using one (/aliasname.html), each with the ending “.html” in the respective field.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Publish Word documents online?

Does it make sense to create documents, e.g. tables, in Word and to then transfer them to a website by simply copying the content into a text editor used for developing texts for websites? We don’t think so because it means copying an extreme amount of code into your website which increases loading times and will lead to display errors, in particular with different browsers.

Take a look at the following example:

This simple table

Transferred to our new editor which then removes all unnecessary code results in the following HMTL code:

This is a largely clean code that will not cause any trouble.

This is what the code would look like if you kept everything from Word. You won’t see how many commands and instructions there will be included in your website unless you examine your site in the source code. Then it will look like this:

I think this speaks for itself and does not need to be explained. However, hear me out. In the Word code you will find many commands that do not comply with the HTML standard at all, as well as a great amount of format information. Now imagine how extensive the implemented code will be if you create a complex table. By the way, creating a normal text from Word will also result in a voluminous code which bears no relation to the content. At first the result may seem appealing but you can expect that every browser will display the content in a different way, some will show weird control characters and some browsers will disrupt the whole design because the dimensions of your Word document lead to unexpected reactions with the HTML code of the design template. This is not caused by our or other design kits, it’s due to the fact that Word is not able (and not developed to) create a clean HTML code.

We can only recommend not incorporating formatted Word documents into your website. Take advantage of our new editor and directly format your documents with the page4 tools. This may seem like a bit more work but it will spare you from a great amount of surprises. I hope this small example will help you to create even better websites with page4. We are happy about any suggestion, comment, criticism as well as error or problem messages. In order to help us publish that kind of information and to support us, please tell us your name, the website you created with page4 as well as the website you need help with. Since this blog cannot really be used as a support forum it would be best to use our support form or our forum where you will receive quick and competent help.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I’m happy you found us.

Are you are already using page4, the modern design kit for great websites? Then you are in exactly the right place as, from now on, we will publish all of our news on your favourite tool in this blog. You will immediately see whether there is anything new when you log onto your website.
If you using a different web design kit or CMS, we are happy that you are visiting us. Hopefully you will find inspiration for your site since we don’t only want to report about page4, but gradually provide general information on creating websites. Maybe you will feel like looking over the edge and testing a new system? Great, simply click on the banner at the end of the blog and get your free version. It is completely without risk, we only need your email address and the desired name of your new page. Then you can start.
You don’t yet have your own website but you would like to start one soon? Perfect. Maybe this blog will help you to find the right system. The easiest way is to try it out. Simply acquire a free website and get started, without any side effects. However, if the provider requests considerably more than your email address and a name to access your new website, you should make sure that you read the general terms and conditions to be on the safe side. We don’t want you to order something that your provider wants money for.

Enough of words, let’s bring the blog to life.

Enjoy reading and trying it out.

Manfred F. Schreyer
page4 team